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Champion Farrier Service

"Champion Therapeutic Hoof Dressing is the best in helping to maintain a healthy hoof.
It is does not clog the hoof wall like other products do and it allows your horse's hooves to breath. It can be easily used year round as it does not get thick in cold weather like other brands do. It does not contain any animal products or waxes which can cause your horses feet to become clogged and unhealthy. Champion Therapeutic Hoof Dressing is the only hoof dressing that I trust for my horses' feet. It is the only product that really works! Thank you Chris for creating such a great product! My horses will never be without it!"

Kindest Regards,
Beverly Kahlenberg

I always remember the saying "No hoof, No horse."

"I have to tell you that Chris has been my farrier for 5 years now for my Polish Arabian. During this length of time I have been using her specially blended hoof dressing, Champion Hoof Dressing.

My horse has been barefoot for her entire life and I truly believe that the use of Champion Hoof Dressing is the main reason that she can remain barefoot. Of course this is accompanied by the expertise of Chris Eide.

I can honestly say that my horse's hoofs are strong and sound. I would recommend the use of Champion Hoof Dressing to all horse owners."

Nancy Rose
Rose Bowl Riders
Pasadena, California

"I have had horses all my life starting in Detroit, MI and coming West to Scottsdale, AZ and ending up in Thousand Oaks, CA.  I have shown horses western and english, over jumps and finally decided to get into the breeding business.  I purchased an Elite Oldenburg pinto stallion, Rainbow*, from Germany and had 4 broodmares.  I always was concerned with the hooves and tried many hoof dressings over the years.  The best dressing, in my opinion, is the Champion Farrier Hoof dressing that Chris Eide promotes and sells.  It is not messy or gooey, it goes on easily and is absorbed quickly so the hoof/frog become pliable and it has made a tremendous improvement in my horses hooves.  It is very reasonably priced and I can't say enough good things about it . . . just try it and I am sure you will agree."
- Jan Kiblinger

"Chris Eide's Therapeutic Hoof Dressing is the most effective hoof dressing I've ever tried."
- "Skippy's Mom" of Simi Valley

"I have been using this product on my horse for several months and his feet almost always look like they have just been trimmed because this product actually soaks into the hoof and does NOT clog the hoof wall. This makes his feet able to breath and the best thing I love about this is that it is easy to apply because of the cool brush that it comes with. Thank you so much Chris for your inventive mind with this product and all of the good and hard work you put in to everything that you do. Be PROUD!!!"

Natania Maston (a.k.a. Hollywood's Mom)

Chris Eide
Chris Eide

Farrier of 33 Years
Specializing in
Therapeutic Shoeing
& Performance Horses
Creator of Champion
Therapeutic Hoof Dressing
  Our Champion Therapeutic Hoof Dressing lets the hoof breathe. No harmful ingredients.
Stays soft and easy to apply in all temperatures. Added healing agents, tea tree oil and vitamin E oil.
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