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Champion Farrier Service
Therapeutic Hoof Dressing
Lets the hoof breathe. No harmful ingredients.
Stays soft and easy to apply in all temperatures.
Added healing agents, tea tree oil & vitamin e oil.
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Please call or email Chris Eide for personal service. Chris has been shoeing horses for 33 years and trying almost every hoof care product available and mostly disappointed with the varying results... such as:  
• Damaging to tools
• Does not absorb into hoof
• Locks in bacteria

We progressively developed Champion Farrier Therapeutic Hoof Dressing...our customers' horses now have perfect hooves. Yours will too with the following steps...

Maintain/Grow healthy hooves:
• Keep stall clean
• Regular farrier care
• Regular exercise
• Champion Hoof Dressing


Contains NO solvents or tar based products (petroleum) for long-lasting and balanced moisture. All weather brush-on formula prevents bacteria growth in all seasons. Brush is attached to cap. 

• Increases flexibility for the entire hoof
• Treats and prevents splitting and cracking
• Forms a durable and breathable barrier 
• Enhances natural beauty of hoof
• Helps to keep horse sound and happy!

Chris Eide
Chris Eide

Farrier of 33 Years
Specializing in
Therapeutic Shoeing
& Performance Horses
Creator of Champion
Therapeutic Hoof Dressing
  Therapeutic Hoof Dressing 
Made by Farriers...Used by Farriers

"It Really Works"
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